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How Do I Pick My Bridesmaids?

Best bridesmaid photo of bridesmaids in black dresses

BRIDESMAIDS You’re excited and you feel relaxed and you’re ready to parrrrrrtayyyyyy… with the best of them!” but who exactly makes up “the best of them”? You’re probably asking yourself, “how do I pick my bridesmaids?” Like most big decisions in life, there’s no real handbook or method of narrowing down your wedding party. At […]

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Wedding Gift 101

The Best Wedding Gifts To Register For The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For  Bed Bath and Beyond. Macy’s. Amazon. You’ve signed up on all the listed sites but you can’t think of what items to register for. Of course, each store has their suggested list of wedding related gifts: Kate Spade china.   No thanks. The […]

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