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Thin Blue Line Wedding

What happens when the wedding planner weds? As many of you know, I was officially married at the end of October to the love of my life. Our unique elopement style ceremony meant that a month later we would have “The Party”, complete with wedding guests, a bridal party, and a proper reception. A month […]

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Hitched on a Hilltop

READ I DO (x 2) TO SEE HOW WE GOT TO THE HILLTOP A North Carolina Family Elopement  all professional photos by Candi Leonard Photography The last of our 12-hour drive consisted of winding roads with rustic barns and plenty of October wind. The leaves were vibrant yellows, brilliant oranges,  and roasted reds. The hilly mountainsides cast […]

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I Do (x 2)

How To Have Your Dream Wedding without Settling Just minutes after we publicly announced our engagement, we swarmed with questions from friends and family. “Have you set a date? Where will the wedding be?” Seeing as we’d been engaged less than 24 hours, I was immediately reminded of the many questions I had myself. “How […]

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A Planner’s Prayer

With an endless list of things that can go wrong at a wedding, wishing a planner “good luck” doesn’t seem like enough… enter A Planner’s Prayer