Beauty and the Beast Disney Wedding Ideas

Need Disney wedding ideas for your cake? A stained glass wedding cake or stained glass cake is the perfect way to express your love for Disney in this Beauty and the Beast wedding

If you’re longing for the ultimate collection of Disney wedding ideas, borrow some of the unique details that made this wedding a real Tale as Old as Time! Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince longed for his beauty…  This Beauty and The Beast wedding was published on The Perfect Palette […]

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Lady and the Tramp Wedding

Lady and the Tramp Wedding Inspiration “Side by side with your loved one, you’ll find enchantment here”. You’ll find enchantment right here in our Lady and the Tramp inspired wedding. If you are a huge Disney fan, and want a Disney wedding, or more specifically, a Lady and the Tramp Wedding, look no further. We […]

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1 Hotel South Beach | Terra Chic Organic Elegance

Getting married at the 1 Hotel South Beach is the perfect location for a destination wedding in Miami. The organic venue embraces natural elements while still keeping very modern

Terra Chic | An Earthy-meets-Modern, Clean and Natural Wedding Inspired by the unique and organic sophistication of one of Miami’s most beautiful resorts, The 1 Hotel South Beach birthed a whole new creative process to showcase a natural, modern and elegant wedding weekend in one of the greatest places to have a destination wedding –Miami. […]

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A Bath Club Wedding

Equestrian Romance | A Bath Club Wedding This Bath Club wedding begins with a love almost 10 years in the making. Chelsea and Santos met through horses. They are trainers who own a stable together, while also competing in jumping competitions themselves. Spending half the year in Wellington, the other in New Jersey, and any free […]

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A Princess, A Painter, And Patties : A Wonderland Wedding

A Princess, A Painter, and Patties : A Wonderland Wedding Once upon a time, there was a bride who wanted a truly unique wonderland wedding. She trusted Oh My Occasions to make it happen… I’ve waited nearly 9 months to be able to share the details of Mike and Bea’s big day! These longtime sweethearts […]

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Travel Themed Bridal Shower

The reality of a destination wedding is that some of your guests may not be able to attend. With an overseas wedding in Barcelona, we thought, what better way to celebrate than with a travel bridal shower theme! Our beautiful bride, Lisa, gave me free reign to design her travel themed shower. The only parameters […]

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How Do I Pick My Bridesmaids?

Best bridesmaid photo of bridesmaids in black dresses

BRIDESMAIDS You’re excited and you feel relaxed and you’re ready to parrrrrrtayyyyyy… with the best of them!” but who exactly makes up “the best of them”? You’re probably asking yourself, “how do I pick my bridesmaids?” Like most big decisions in life, there’s no real handbook or method of narrowing down your wedding party. At […]

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Thin Blue Line Wedding

What happens when the wedding planner weds? As many of you know, I was officially married at the end of October to the love of my life. Our unique elopement style ceremony meant that a month later we would have “The Party”, complete with wedding guests, a bridal party, and a proper reception. A month […]

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Hitched on a Hilltop

READ I DO (x 2) TO SEE HOW WE GOT TO THE HILLTOP A North Carolina Family Elopement  all professional photos by Candi Leonard Photography The last of our 12-hour drive consisted of winding roads with rustic barns and plenty of October wind. The leaves were vibrant yellows, brilliant oranges,  and roasted reds. The hilly mountainsides cast […]

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