Hitched on a Hilltop

READ I DO (x 2) TO SEE HOW WE GOT TO THE HILLTOP A North Carolina Family Elopement  all professional photos by Candi Leonard Photography The last of our 12-hour drive consisted of winding roads with rustic barns and plenty of October wind. The leaves were vibrant yellows, brilliant oranges,  and roasted reds. The hilly mountainsides cast […]

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I Do (x 2)

How To Have Your Dream Wedding without Settling Just minutes after we publicly announced our engagement, we swarmed with questions from friends and family. “Have you set a date? Where will the wedding be?” Seeing as we’d been engaged less than 24 hours, I was immediately reminded of the many questions I had myself. “How […]

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The Classic Movie Romance

Years ago, engagement pictures were a half hour session full of prom-style poses in a local mall. With the expansion of social media and advanced technology evolution that includes digital picture frames, the photos we take and share are more elaborate than ever. More thought, effort, time, and money goes into pictures of ourselves and our family. From […]

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My Magical Proposal [Pt. 2]

RECAP: We had just been approached by a magician, yes, A MAGICIAN!! to assist in a promotional magic video.  without consulting Warren.. I volunteered the both of us to watch.  We are then seated in two chairs facing a podium and the magician, Howard Blackwell. I didn’t even care to check if Warren was miserable watching magic […]

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My Magical Proposal [Pt.1]

He asked, you said yes! Now that your friends have seen your engagement ring up close, the inevitable question arises: “How did he propose?!” It’s something almost every bride-to-be is asked, and a quick sentence doesn’t always do the proposal justice. Maybe you were surprised with the ring hidden in a cupcake or balloons spelling […]

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A Planner’s Prayer

With an endless list of things that can go wrong at a wedding, wishing a planner “good luck” doesn’t seem like enough… enter A Planner’s Prayer


Wedding Gift 101

The Best Wedding Gifts To Register For The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For  Bed Bath and Beyond. Macy’s. Amazon. You’ve signed up on all the listed sites but you can’t think of what items to register for. Of course, each store has their suggested list of wedding related gifts: Kate Spade china.   No thanks. The […]

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Here Comes the Blog…

Your Pinterest Wedding You’re getting married! (Cue the excited squeal) Does it feel real yet? Maybe you’ve been too busy trying to fit the term “fiancé” into any and all conversation. Question: How many photos do you have of your engagement ring? ____*Whatever number you insert here is totally fine, because it’s completely normal to […]

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